Privacy Policy Disclosure

NIST International School (hereafter referred to as NIST or the School) strongly believes in safeguarding the wellbeing of its community. To that end, our school invests significant resources in protecting the privacy of our staff, parents and children. In order to ensure that we achieve this aim, we have adopted the following policy in line with international privacy standards.

Cookies & Tracking

NIST utilizes Google Analytics in tracking visitors to the NIST website. This information is not used to identify personal information, nor is it used for any purpose other than improvement of the website based on identifiable trends. Cookies – small pieces of information stored on your computer to indicate sites that you have visited – are used only in conjunction with Google Analytics for the purpose of enhancing the NIST website. These cookies are not used to gather personal information about visitors, and no other visitor tracking is conducted. Additional information about Google Analytics and privacy is available on the Google Support website.


  1. Staff are individuals employed by NIST in any capacity, including full-time and part-time employees. This excludes contracted companies and individuals.
  2. Students are current, prospective or past students enrolled at NIST.
  3. Parents are current, prospective or past parents, and/or legal guardians, of a student or students at NIST.
  4. Alumni are former NIST students and/or graduates.
    • Where applicable in the policy, alumni will be differentiated between those over the age of 18 and those under the age of 18.
  5. Third parties are individuals or organizations that are not affiliated with or employed by NIST.
  6. Personal information constitutes the full legal name, personal address, personal contact information and school records of an individual. It does not include identification numbers, names of staff, or titles and business contact information of staff.


  1. NIST will make these policies publicly accessible, and will make every reasonable effort to ensure that all personal information is accurate and protected. This includes the storing of all personal information only in password-protected databases.
    • Personal information of students, parents and staff of NIST is stored within Veracross. Veracross LLC maintains a privacy policy that has been certified by TRUSTe Privacy Standards and can be accessed at
    • Personal information of alumni is stored within 360Alumni. 360Alumni maintains a privacy policy that can be accessed at
  2. All staff, parents, students and alumni agree upon initiating their relationship with NIST that the School shall keep their personal information on file in Veracross for the duration of their time as members of the School community as a matter of academic record, evidence of services rendered and/or as evidence of employment.
  3. NIST may publicly disclose non-personal information of staff, including titles, business addresses, and business contact information. Personal information will be disclosed to third parties only with the consent of that member of staff.
  4. In line with the US Department of Education’s Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), NIST will not disclose the personal information of a student to third parties without the consent of the student’s parent. Personal information of an alumnus or alumna will not disclose the personal information to third parties without the consent of that alumnus or alumna. This excludes non-identifiable disclosure of academic records for the purposes of accreditation, academic research, statistical analysis, and disclosure under subpoena by Thai law.
  5. As indicated in the NIST enrollment documents, NIST reserves the right to use photographs and other visual media containing the images of NIST parents, students and alumni in online and print media. In such cases the school will not post the full legal names of students or alumni who have yet to reach the age of 18 with that media, unless permission is granted from parents, to preserve their privacy.
    • Instances of online media include, but are not limited to, the NIST website, social media channels such as Facebook, news sites that publish NIST press releases, and third parties which have been granted permission by NIST for the purposes of promotion of education-related content.
    • Instances of print media include, but are not limited to, school brochures and flyers, the school magazine, advertisements, newspapers and magazines that publish NIST press releases, and third parties which have been granted permission by NIST for the purposes of promotion of education-related content.
    • In cases in which published media, whether in online or print form, utilizes extensive interviews with students, further consent will be sought from the parents of those students.

    Online Enrollment & Re-Enrollment Contracts

    NIST is committed to comply with the 2021 Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in protecting its community’s personal information that has been collected or processed by the school.

    What Do We Collect?

    NIST needs to process (collect, use, store and ultimately destroy) your personal data for various academic, educational and administrative purposes. Generally, the personal data that we collect and process, includes but not restricted to:

    • Full name
    • Identification number (ID card)
    • Passport number
    • Address
    • Contact numbers
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • Previous qualifications
    • Personal email address
    • Photo and images
    • Marital status
    • Emergency contact person(s) details
    • Family/guardian information

    Special Category Data

    At times some of the personal data that we process may include what is defined as “sensitive personal data” under the PDPA. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Race
    • Religion
    • Health
    • Records of misconduct and disciplinary action
    • Records of criminal offence

    This sensitive information shall be treated carefully by NIST and will only be used for specific purposes. It will not be released to a third party without your explicit consent unless it is necessary to protect your interests. The provision of all information requested for in the relevant forms for NIST is mandatory, unless specified otherwise. This is to enable us to process your application and/or request for our services in our provision of education to your child(ren).

    How Is Your Data Collected?

    Most, if not all, of your personal data was obtained from you directly, either from the following sources or from any other information you provided and this may include:

    • Enquiries to the school
    • Various applications and registration forms
    • All other school and services-related request forms
    • Previous qualifications, certificates and similar documents

    How Is Your Data Used?

    The purpose for which personal data is collected and further processed includes, but not restricted to the following:

    • To process applications for admission
    • To maintain students’ personal details, academic and non-academic records
    • To facilitate the internships, placement or industrial training, as well as co-curricular activities
    • To provide relevant administrative support and counseling services
    • To manage the use of facilities such as library, dining hall, computer systems, etc.
    • To conduct graduation and alumni events
    • To invoice tuition fees and other payments
    • To communicate with students and parents in respect to any important announcements, including matters relating to career services, postgraduate studies and alumni
    • To collect and relay information for relevant local or international statutory authorities or examination boards
    • To contact students’ next of kin in case of emergencies
    • To comply with any regulatory, audit or security-related requirements

    Your Right to Access & Rectify

    You have the right to access and correct your personal information held by NIST under the PDPA.  NIST always endeavors to upkeep changes of your personal information in our student information system, hence you are encouraged to verify the correctness of information on Veracross or to notify the school of any changes in a timely manner (within 30 days).

    Any request to exercise your rights shall be administered as per the PDPA. Please be informed that pursuant to the PDPA, your request may be rejected in certain circumstances. Contact the Data Protection Officer at NIST at for further information or information rights requests.

    Additional Resources

    These resources provide additional information and guidance in the issues surrounding student privacy. Please note that they are not unequivocally endorsed by NIST or its staff.

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